Now What?

So, I’ve been smoke free for four days now. That feels pretty darn good, ya’ll. And before I even smoked my last cigarette, I was thinking about other things that I need to change. I spend entirely too much time sitting on my behind in front of an lcd monitor. I really want to get that under control. I enjoy what I do, and I am making decent money at it, but I really need to focus on the work when I am here. I tend to get distracted, and then it takes me way too long to get done. Ideally, I’d sit here from, say, 9-10am, 2-5pm and again from 9-12pm. That’s about 3-4 hours less than I sit here now, though I am up and down of course. I figure that I have given myself back an hour per day by not smoking anymore, so all told that’s FOUR HOURS PER DAY.

Hahahah, that’s the thing we always say, isn’t it? “I wish I had more time in my day”. Well, now I do!! I’d like to spend quite a bit of that doing fun things with the kiddos, but I’d also like to take a daily walk, and catch up on some other stuff, too. My list of round tuit items is longer than Santa’s Christmas list, LOL.

3 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Four days quit, that means you’re more than halfway through the worst of it. Keep it up!

    I think an extra hour daily from quitting smoking is a conservative estimate.

  2. Congrats on the four days!

    I have no idea howyou get online AT ALL with 4 kids. I have one and time management is a challenge.

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