I wish I could go on another trip. I had such fun at Carowinds, I just want to go back. I was looking at a trip planner site this morning, and man……….that kind of thing just fuels my wanderlust. As if I could not think of enough places to go and things to do, there are links to travel blogs there.

I really like that realtravel.com is about real people who have gone on real trips. Not what you should do, or could do, but what folks have actually done and liked or disliked. Cause one day, I really will be a go-go girl, and it will have absolutely nothing to do with dancing around in short-shorts and pasties.

One thought on “GoGoGirl

  1. Thanks for the link to realtravel. I’d not been there before, but am going to spend a few hours (at least) looking about. It really is great when people share their experiences, instead of just looking at colour glossy adverts about destinations. I’ve found a few gems in my travels, as well as some stinkers, which I may just have to share as well.

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