Say the Time

Yesterday I said

I get stressed trying to get everything done that needs doing. I know I can get it done, because I usually do. So, I just need to make a schedule routine and stick to it, develop a plan and work it, so I don’t feel so out of control. In the past, I have done that, and then not followed the plan once I had things semi under control. That was not a smart choice. A routine is better than a schedule for me, because each day is different. Very few things need a rigid time, but the whole days needs to have a predictable flow, otherwise I get antsy.

Today, I played around a little with some scheduling software called Say the Time. This alarm clock download will actually tell you what time it is, plus you can program it to remind you of specific things you need to do at given times. It will read you your own typed notes in a pleasant voice, either male or female, and it will also run programs for you, once you tell it to do so.

The program is easy to download and set up, and you can try it free for 30 days. If you decide to keep it, it’s just 24.95.The interface is pretty intuitive, and by that I mean I was able to get it to tell me to do something the first time I tried it, LOL! I didn’t do it, of course, because I am hard-headed as I have admitted before. That’s not the software’s fault. If you are having trouble getting it all done, why don’t you go ahead and try it out?.