Intro to the next post

back in January, I mentioned drilling in Alaska in passing. I’m mentioning it now, so that if you read this blog by feed, you’ll see my old views before you read what I am about to write. And also, to tell you to get some coffee, because my next post will probably be quite lengthy. Here’s what I said then

There are not many causes I support actively year-round. I am more a “call to action” type causist. I do take measures to reduce our garbage and such. I like to tread lightly upon the earth, but at the same time, I realize I am authorized to take dominion of it. That doesn’t mean to use resources unwisely, though.

I do think environmentalism often goes to far. The same folks who are screaming about the price of gasoline are also screaming that we shouldn’t drill for oil in Alaska. To me that doesn’t make much sense.

I hope to be back by mid-afternoon with the next post. It will take awhile to write.