Will not!

I told ya’ll that my mom assured me I was going to gain weight, right? So far, my clothes are not getting any tighter, knock on wood, pass the cookies and doughnuts. Seriously, I have been walking with the children several times, and am trying to eat reasonably. I really do want to sit and eat sweets, but I wanted to do that before, LOL. One thing I’m not going to do is order the hoodia patch. Yet. But I will be watching to see how the clothes fit.

One thought on “Will not!

  1. I don’t know what hoodia does yet, so I’m staying away from it.
    So many weight loss supplements have turned up bad for people, so I just prefer to take the healthy way out.

    Personally I use One A Day WeightSmart and it’s been doing wonders for my weight.
    My clothes are so loose.. it’s really nice.

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