Asleep at the wheel

So, this is my third day of getting up early. You wanna know how I feel? Remember a few months ago I was going on and on about insomnia, and how I could barely function? And it was really bad, remember. I couldn’t think, had no energy, and just kinda muddled through the day. It’s a lot like that, thanks for asking. But, I so liked what happened that first day, and I have been assured that it will get better, and I have wanted to be the kind of person who gets up early for a long time, so I am going to stick it out.

I think one of the most frustrating things for me is that I am having more trouble than normal with my work. Last week, I could work phrases like silk trees into my blogs, and it sounded reasonable. This week, I’m reading back over the stuff I’ve written, and thinking “who the heck wrote that?!?” Not only are the ideas a little….off, but the typos are hilarious. I found an instance over on my knitting blog where I had actually transposed words. Now, I am bad enough with the mistakes when I am on the game, but this, this is over the top, even for me! I sure hope that you will bear with me while I struggle to change yet one more thing about myself.

6 thoughts on “Asleep at the wheel

  1. Agreed, it is a rough adjustment but very much worth it in the end.

    Even after a while there seem to be days when it’s rough, but most days it’s nice to have a head start.

  2. My wife has trouble sleeping. Me, I lay down and 45 seconds later I’m out. I think it helps that I get up at 4:50am, and work double shifts two days a week.
    I try to get my wife to have a couple glasses of wine at night, but she’s a worrier, and I think when things get quiet all the things in her life she wishes were different come rushing into her head. Wish I could tell her how to fix it, but some things we just have to wrestle with alone.

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