Divine Caroline

I spent a few minutes at a new (to me) website this morning. (Umm, yes, if you are reading by feed, it was necessary, LOL! If you aren’t, then you’ll understand when you read the entry before this one.) The website is DivineCaroline, and it’s by women for women. In fact, we the users get to be actively involved in creating the site. I haven’t even begun to explore it all, but I know they have forums, and the site covers a wide variety of subjects. You find Parenting Tips and Advice, but you’ll also find Style and Fashion Advice, too. Grab a cuppa, and go visit. I really like the idea behind the site, and enjoyed my short stay, so I figured some of you might like it to. Make sure you hit the About DivineCaroline page to see why I got so excited. I’ll try to meet you there when I get my to do list checked off!

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