So, as I posted last time, The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk in my area is now a volleyball tournament. I asked DH where the place was, and he told me it’s on the beach. Yay! I am forty years old, I have a whacked out shoulder and I am now committed to play beach volleyball, apparently alone, since I have no team members. Oh, and tournament– did I mention that I had planned to slip away from the football field where 5 of my kids have games at one time or another that day, do my walking, and then slip back in? I figured an hour or two, max. Ummm, tournament= all day.

SO! In order to meet my obligation, I am looking at other options. There is a walk about an hour from here on the 29th. My Dad and I may go do that one, which has the benefit of an instant team member (woohoo) and being able to spend the rest of the day shopping in Myrtle Beach (woohoowoohoo). But Daddy just went on night shift, and doesn’t know for how long.

So, nothing has changed on my fundraising, and I won’t be doing much until I figure out where and when I am walking/watching volleyball. Although I do plan to put these cool shoestrings in my tennies. People oughta notice those, doncha think?
IMG 0550

But! Listen, don’t let my predicament stop you. Go sign up to be a team captain. Apparently, having a volleyball tournament is an option and my group chose it, and ordinarily I would be cool with that, because they are making a little fair/family fun day out of it. This is something my whole family could do, if we weren’t obligated elsewhere that day. You do need to hurry though, because time is running out!

This post is sponsored by The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk

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