Cleaner is Better

Oh, I have been so ill about the messiness of my house. And yet so unwilling to do anything about it. Last night, I had a real wake up call. Yeah, the cleaning fairy, she ain’t coming. Can you believe that crap? Sigh.

So last night, I cleaned my room and bathroom. I left DaBaby in the highchair while I did my room, and put her in the bathtub while I did the bathroom. And it looked so good! And then! The girls messed it up getting ready for bed. So! I got them all up out of bed*, and made them clean it all back up. Hahahahahhaahaha mom 10, messy kids 0. I totally won.

They’d been there less than 3 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Cleaner is Better

  1. Yeah Mom! Oh, how I remember those days when it was a never ending round of cooking, and cleaning. The good news is they do grow up, learn to pick up after themselves and eventually they even move out! Or so I’ve heard…

  2. From personal experience I can say my children did learn to help with the housework and make less mess so I think that’s pretty good news! We currently have an empty nest but there is no telling how long that will last.

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