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If I had my way about it, someone somewhere would be starting a job search in the near future. Let me start at the beginning. I believe I have mentioned that I am a homebody more than once. I like to be home. It suits me. I like to go and do stuff, but I like to do it on my own schedule, and I LIKE being home. Be it ever so humble, and all that. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I have seven kids still at home and that we home school, too. All of that adds up to a couple of full time jobs, at least it seems that way from the work load. Plus my internet work, which would swell to a more-than-full-time if I did not cap it, which I am less than what one would call strictly successful at, the capping I mean, but, hey, whatever. And working is good, because dh’s work is slack right now, so I’m grateful mine is up a bit.

So, we have had a rigorous round of appointments lately: medical, dental, eye for the kiddos and dental fro me, and then the football and cheering practices, and I am just about as tightly strung as I ever get from all of this go-go-go, and it culminated today in a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy for my 6 year old. And did I mention that I did not sleep well last night? Perhaps due to the impending surgery?

Okay, that’s not even the beginning, it’s just the background. But do you now have a picture in your mind of a harried Cass who really needs to slow down and take a rest? Who maybe needs a NAP? Well, dh is home today so I lay down with surgery boy and we were taking a nap. Oh my word. It was the best sleep I have had in weeks. It was Beautiful. With a capital B. Picture angels, and harps and sweet music and ……..yeah, ok, you get it. And then the phone rang. And though my 9 year old told the man I was sleeping, the demon on the other end told him it was “very important” and he should wake me up. And so he did, and I spoke to that devil of a debt collector whom I have offered payment arrangements to no less than 15 times and I asked him if he was bleeding and he said no, and so I hung up the imp, and then I mentally cursed him and got up to go to work, because my blissful nap was OH-VER.

Lying Jerk. If it’s not important enough for you to take arrangements on, it’s not that important. I hope you get boils on the ear you use for the phone and also on your butt. And if that’s not a Christian sentiment, let me adjust it to this: I hope you sleep the sleep of a mother of 8 for one full year. And then I hope someone calls you about something “important” when you finally lay your head and are getting a decent rest.

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