I Never Saw it Coming

It’s been a large day. I am trying to wrap things up for my Vegas trip. I’ve a bazillion loads of clothes to wash. Ok two. And then I have to pack and make sure the kids are packed, and I am tired and oh, whine, whine, whine. But tonight was my first pack meeting, and I want to tell you about it!

It went really well. I moved the meeting along at a right good clip, I only got flummoxed a couple of times and recovered quickly. In fact, when it was done, someone asked if I was a public speaker. No, LOL. I’m not. In fact, public speaking intimidates me. So, umm, Cass, why are you talking about the Cub Scouts here on this blog? Doesn’t this kind of thing belong on your parenting blog? No. No it doesn’t because this post is all about grownups, and not about the boys at all. In fact, I hope that the leaders’ boys are the only ones who ever know something has gone awry.

When we got ready to start the meeting, we discovered that our flag stands were missing. We just held the flags and then put them away and moved on with the meeting. After the main meeting, when I was having my den leaders’ meeting, we discovered that a bunch of other stuff was missing–the pinewood derby track and computer, some posters, but all stuff that had been there when we had our preliminary meeting. And I can’t get up with the guy from the church who we met with.

This same man had been so positive sounding on the 26th when I called to ask him a couple of questions, and update him on the pack plans. He said he’d ask a couple of the church members to sit on the pack committee. We talked about the pack meeting that was taking place tonight. I really thought …..

What kind of facility ……….. moves (one hates to say takes) cub scout stuff without getting in touch with the Cub Master? Our boys made those flag stands. To them, those stands are not just wood and nails, they were a gift to the pack. They are more valuable than the finest Ulysse Nardin watch. I just feel gut punched now. And I have no idea where we are supposed to go from here. But I tell you this: we will figure it out.