Meeting Alli

Here I sit in the Atlanta airport, enjoying free wifi courtesy of tmobile, thanks guys, and I have one more piece of business to deal with before I can begin my official vacation. If I truly vacate. But I bet I do, because I will be meeting friends. I did tell you I was meeting friends right? Here’s the first one:

IMG 0878

It’s Alli of Always, Alli. And me. I’m the one who looks like me. Gosh, I am a bit giddy, I think.

I realized that Alli was here in the airport and caught the airport train to her concourse. We had about 20 minutes before she had to get on her flight, and it was really great to meet her! This is going to be a Velveteen Rabbit weekend…we’re all going to be real now.

11 thoughts on “Meeting Alli

  1. You two are so beautiful and I’m so glad you all got to go out there and have a great vacay and meet up with some rockin’ cool bloggers!! Totally awesome!

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