Where in the World is Colleen?

whereiscolleenMy friend Colleen is going on a little vakay soon. She just loves to go, go, go. In fact, I sometimes think of her as a gogo girl, but don’t tell her I said that. Or maybe that’s Fifi. Anyway! When Colleen has fun, she likes to spread it around, usually with a little game involved. She just loves to play. Whoops, did I say that? Well, really I didn’t mean that way.

Listen, quit snickering and pay attention here. This is important. Prizes are at stake. Let me start over. Colleen is going on a trip in 12 days. Colleen is passing out clues, and I have Clue #3:Colleen is traveling to a continent that has been the starting point of both World Wars. Colleen is giving away Travelocity Gift Card and souvenirs from her trip to folks who can guess where she’s going. Colleen has more clues and the rules posted on her site. In fact, there will be new clues there daily, so keep checking back!

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