Fotos, Furniture and Frames

Have ya’ll been enjoying the extra pictures? I’ve tried to remember to include one if I had one even remotely related to what I have talked about. Some subjects lend themselves to that better than others, of course, but I have tried. And remember that massive to-do list? One of the items on it is to organize the two 1 GB cards I have, and when I do that, I’ll be uploading a lot of shots, and that will in turn lead to blog posts.

One of the things I have been wanting since I got involved in digital photography is a digital photo frame. It seems wrong somehow to leave all those good pictures on an itty bitty card, yk? But I’ve not had a place to put a digital frame until just recently, and so while I have looked, it’s been cursory. Now, though, we have re-arranged the furniture and that has opened up a large expanse of wall space over the loveseat. I’m planning to fill it with cross-stitch, and one digital frame to show off some of my artier shots.

I have to say that looking over these reviews of different digital photo frames, I am still amazed at the very concept of one frame and multiple pictures– an entire photo album hanging on the wall. Some of the pictures I mentioned above are shots I took of old family photos. I’ve showed you a couple of those, but I have lots more. What a treasure that would be for my mom, uncle and cousins! I have another set that I took at a family birthday party that would make a good gift for Granny.

Hmm, now my brain is churning with ideas…… time to pull out a paper and pen to take some “notes to self”.