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I should totally make a button for this series. I am just liking the buttons lately. A lot. First what we aren’t going to discuss: Matrimony. I had hoped to finish it, but NO! Instead I have spent my time knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping. So, only one magazine got finished to report on this week, but I hope to tell you about the book next week.

Do many of you watch Dexter? My friend Colleen told a group of us about it, and I blew it off since I don’t sub to Showtime. Due to the writer’s strike, though, it’s airing on network tv, and I am enjoying it. It’s the story of a serial killer who is also a police officer. Dexter’s running dialogue with himself is … eerily similar to my own. Well, minus the murder parts, but I do talk in my own head a lot.

There is one thing that I have been chewing on for a bit now: in the second episode, Dexter’s dad explains that when you kill a person you aren’t just killing them, but you are killing everything they would have done or achieved in their lifetime. The context was that Dexter should think carefully about what he was doing, and not just be killing people willy-nilly. I’ve been chewing this, and trying to take the long view of my actions. It’s not just murder, not just bad things, that have a lasting effect. When you build someone up, it also effects them–and the people they will affect throughout their lifetime.

I picked up the latest Woman’s Day at the store this weekend. Nothing jumped out at me as far as this issue went. There was a little blurb on how vitamin D helps prevent heart issues and such, but I knew that already, and there were some tips on how to save time cleaning, but I didn’t find them very practical. Since this was why I purchased the mag, I was a little disappointed. You might like them, though, so…

And this week, I have listened to a SLEW of podcasts. I am subbed to several knitting and history podcasts, and I am enjoying the freedom of listening away from the computer. I’m looking to add a cooking show, and maybe some free audiobooks.

OH! One more thing! Carla had recommended A Thousand Splendid Suns to me and I am pleased to say it came yesterday. It’s next on the TBR pile. Perhaps I will sit on my patio furniture to read it. If you can call a lawn chair on the back stoop “patio furniture”.

6 thoughts on “Media Musings – Dexter, Woman’s Day, Podcasts

  1. I watched the first epi of Dexter on Showtime but couldn’t get hooked – and never went back. I just recently canceled showtime, at least until the summer when the new season of Weeds starts (we LOVE that show!)
    And now I know why Dexter was on regular network. I was stumped as to why, having known it was a showtime series.

    Glad the book arrived – enjoy it.. its FABULOUS!

    OH.. cooking show. There is a knitting cooking podcast! I can’t remember the name of it, but I saw it in iTunes. I keep meaning to go back to subscribe. Maybe I will today. I think its the same one that Lime & Violet suggested in their last podcast (do you listen to that one?)

  2. I’ve been meaning to get into Dexter, especially since the actor is from of one my favorite shows (6 feet under), but I also watched one episode and couldn’t get into it.

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