Manic Monday 4/28/2008


Who is the black sheep in your family/group?
If you were a character from a book, what character would you be?
What’s your favorite accent?

Yes, these questions are from last week. But that’s ok, I am ready to Manic Monday, and the new ones aren’t up yet.

Black Sheep: I have this uncle. No, I actually have two uncles, one on either side………and that’s all on that. I guess I might also qualify as a black sheep, depending on the family/group we are discussing. It just seems like my life is one interesting adventure after another, kinda like the Chinese curse kind of interesting, yk?

If I were a character from a book, I would be…leading an even more adventurous life than I already have! Seriously, who needs the extra drama (say that with the short a sound in the middle). The life I have isn’t easy, and it’s quite busy, but it’s the one God gave me, so I will keep it. Also, I identify with the heroine in almost every book I read, unless I am identifying with the hero instead, as happened in The Time Traveler’s Wife and Matrimony. Also, I maybe would not mind being Claire for just a few days, provided they were days where she and Jamie were comfortable ensconced in a cozy……..ok, done.

My favorite accent, is a British one, particularly as delivered by Pete. You ought to hear him read American history. Sounds nothing like Jamie. Verra different, verra good all the same. I read his blog, which is all tech speak, just so I can hear him talk. Yes, I “hear” blogs. I don’t “hear” books. Weird? Maybe so, although now that I have actually heard Diana Gabaldon speak, I imagine I will forever “hear” her as Claire.

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  1. in my family, its my brother. he is a musician/sushi waiter and is always recording everything with a tape recorder. it can get annoying.

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