Unofficial and Unannounced Vakay

Yep, that’s exactly what I did. I just didn’t post. I did stay busy, though. I finished washing all the walls in my bedroom, and today, I went through and re-organized my closet and dresser. It feels so good to be able to reach everything, and it will make getting dressed so much easier! Here’s what the closet looks like now, or at least the part I can get a picture of:

IMG 0505

Also, I am admitting publicly that this is not even half my shoes. Just to be clear. In fact, I have a funny shoe story to relate. Sunday before last, we had a youth outing for out church youth group. I wore my red heels (you saw them: one red, one black). The other leader of the youth said something about wanting some new car. He called it by name, of course, but umm, I don’t remember which one he said, only that it was a spendy kind. I just looked at him and told him I wanted new shoes. Well, he looked at my feet and said he had wondered why I wore those shoes, and I had to explain to him that I meant new shoes IN ADDITION to the ones I was wearing, not as a REPLACEMENT for them. ROFL!

I do love me some shoes! And so does at least one of my daughters. Who has my same shoe size. I may have to invest in self inking stamps here directly to keep her off my mess. Really, how often can a woman be forced to say “Remove thine foot from mine shoon” without getting a little bit hostile? Yeah, way less than I have had to say it over my red and pink ho-heels, that’s for sure!

But I guess I have digressed pretty far from the closet thing, haven’t I? Do you think I should head over to Vista Print and order some custom business cards? They could have that picture up there, and CLOSET ORGANIZER in capital letters.

Oh no way! I just popped over for giggles, and they now offer websites and magnets and other based on cards you have ordered in the past. Wicked cool! That is slick!

2 thoughts on “Unofficial and Unannounced Vakay

  1. Missed you, but there’s nothing wrong with a little break to avoid burnout.

    I posted a picture of a re-organized closet a few weeks ago and your mother offered her personal expertise to carry it a step further. You should get her to take a look at yours and see if there’s an improvement you didn’t think to make. 😀

  2. My mum has tiny sized 5 feet, so I was in her shoes around fifth grade. She hated it, but was very glad I grew out of them by sixth grade. I got big feet from the other side of the family.

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