Tackle-It Tuesday 7/29/2008

I mention my TBR pile often enough, but when I say that, i just mean the pile on my desk. In truth, I have a secondary pile, and it used to sit behind/beside me, looking like this:

IMG 0696

Last week, I pulled out and organized my craft stuff and committed to working through them, and yesterday, I decided that that huge pile of secondary TBR’s could join that stack, and I would let them be part of that commitment. Accordingly, they are in a box over there on the craft bin, and I’ll be reading them over the next…however long it takes.

Now the shelf beside me holds my school manuals, and this pile of immediate reads/things to be reviewed.

IMG 0698

That means my TBR pile no longer resides on my desk. That means I actually have room to work up here. Open a book. You know, desk type things. Yeah. Get on up out of the floor, now!

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