There are bigger problems

Okay, I just posted a post that was basically whining about my current weight. The fact is that I have weighed what I weigh now for over a decade, and it’s my normal adult wight, and I am trying to change what appears to be set in stone. But in the grand scheme of things, my 10 pounds is small potatoes, because I am still in control of what I put in my mouth. I eat because I am physically hungry, but that’s where it stops. Unlike those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, I’m not needing an intervention over my food choices. Well, mostly, LOL.

Not that I couldn’t use a 12-step program for other issues in my life. Anger, resentment, pity parties, bitterness, LAZINESS. Oops, did I say that? The truth is that there is no visible drug detoxification plan for those things, but they can do just as much damage to our emotional and spiritual lives as drug abuse does to our physical lives. Think about that. Imagine the druggiest drug-out druggie you know or can think of. Maybe the one you saw on tv, living in rags under the bridge with horrible teeth and scabby arms. Yeah, that one. Now imagine your spirit, your inner man, looking like that. That’s quite the mental image isn’t it? yeah, and if that’s you, it ought to be scaring you, because I will admit that when I look in the mirror, that’s sometimes what I see. And that is why the current series I am running on women in Proverbs won’t be the last such series you’ll see here.

But back to the subject at hand which started out as drug rehab, specifically Chapman House, before I got derailed. Chapman House uses a 12 step program to help folks overcome physical addictions. You ought to know from reading this blog that I am all for a program that points people to God, even if they add the phrase “as we perceive Him//her to be”. Admitting that there is a Higher Power is the first step in meeting the Real One, after all.

They also offer professional interventions for folks who just haven’t come to terms yet with the fact that they need a little help to overcome their issues. Just like a lot of life, that first step is the hardest one. Chapman accepts insurance, and they are CARF accredited, so you know they are among the absolute best.