Back to Normal

Today was the first day that has felt “normal” since October. My husband seemed in his right mind. I went shopping and bought normal stuff: a kitchen canister, a silicone spatula, new bed pillows. I found my hair creme at Wal-Mart and now I don’t have to have Mama pick it up for me at Sally’s anymore. I bought some stuff for my girls’ Christmas next year at 75% off. Of course, I can’t show you much of that, since, you know, part of it’s for Christmas and I haven’t yet pulled out the extra pillowcases and shams for the pillows. So I will show you this instead:

IMG 0425

I should remind you that I have my bed on 8 inch risers. Do you reckon that after I add since I added 4 more fluffy bed pillows to that ensemble, we’d better get some safety equipment for in there? Bed rails, or nets or something?

That comforter and the decorator pillows came from my aunt and uncle when she redecorated. I took it because it’s king size, and I knew the dust ruffle would be long enough to go all the way to the floor over my queen set, even with the risers. And, I would no longer have to fight dh for the covers. I wasn’t sure the gold would suit me, but in truth I love it more every time I walk into my room. There are also matching curtains on the windows.

Finally, just for my own record keeping purposes, I was 155.4 this morning. No, I can’t just write that on a piece of paper somewhere. I have 7 kids at home, remember?

Edited yet again to add the better picture after we fixed up the bed ;). Here’s the one that was up before:

Back to Normal