Valentine’s Day

So, there it is right around the corner. How many of you are making big plans? Me, not so much. I typically find it a way over-rated holiday, mostly because it’s always been rather disappointing to me from the standpoint of celebrating “couple love”. I have never had a blowout Valentine’s Day celebration, and perhaps that is my own fault. I really can’t complain too much, since I have never really initiated one either, LOL. These days, I usually just buy the kids some candy and call it good. I may do a smallish something else this year, but I am not sure yet.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like a good fantasy type Valentine’s Day. You know, like Richard Gere coming after Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman. That scene right there is enough to keep a girl going for months. Or in my case years, since I last saw the movie over a decade ago.

Back to the blowout celebrations. How do you even finance such a thing? Fancy dinner, big box of chocolates, jewelry? It’s enough to require a big ol’ cash advance. Although….a few days ago, I was privileged to help a young man at the jewelry counter at work. I am not sure if he was buying for Valentine’s Day or not, because the card he signed in front of me said “happy anniversary”. Anyway, he was trying to pick earrings for his girl. I asked him a couple of questions about her and offered him a suggestion, which he took. I don’t know his name or anything about him, but it was obvious from the way he acted that he was quite smitten with the girl. I wonder if they’ve had their date yet and how it went. I guess I’ll have to keep wondering, but in my heart, they are gonna live happily ever after, yk?

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Valenites Day for me is about love and sending loving thoughts. It’s doesn’t have to a be all out blowout, I have found that a hand written love letter or card is often more appreciated that expensive flowers.
    I would love to have a super romantic V-day – but when I am dating someone, I like to think any day can be a super romantic blowout day. It’s almost better if it’s some random Tuesday night.

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