Day 25 of Project 365

On Monday nights, I am a Tiger Cub leader. Well, I guess I am one all the time, but on Monday nights I actually do it. This week, I had my Tigers start Valentine’s Day cards. These are the sentence starters I gave them:


See, I wanted to teach them that words are powerful. I reminded them of how good it made them feel when they got back school work from their teachers with “good job” stamped on it, and that we were able to make others feel that good as well with our words. And I explained that often we just sign VDay cards without even reading them, because there were just so many to do. And that even adults sometimes just go buy a card and sign it without a lot of thought, but that this year, I was going to do something different, and they could, too.

And then I told them to think about one very special person, and then write a note telling that one person what made them so special in their lives. I am not going to lie and say they all enjoyed it, but they all did it. And one little guy even looked at me as I came over to help him and said “Do you MIND??” Wonder what that’s all about!