“Just be you,” you say and
Laugh with me.
I don’t know
To do
With that.

These are not words
I am
Accustomed to.

They buzz in my
Ears, drowning out
“Just be what I
Want you to be,”
And snorts of disgust,
Laughing at me when
I don’t get it right.

I am not sure
That it’s okay to be

But it is comfortable,
Like wearing my own shoes,
And not a too small
Pinchy pair
Left by his mother,
Or his ex,
Or his fantasy.

Accessories once owned
By some perfect girl
I could never
Be. Wrong
Color, wrong shape,
Wrong size.
Wrong me.

So, some of you may have seen this before, since I first posted it on facebook. As I try to get back into blogging, I thought it might make it a little easier if I shared some of the stuff I have written and tucked away. Much of it needs editing anyway, and that’s a project I have been meaning to get to.

Btw, what do you guys think of this Klim Revolt Jersey? Seems a little warm for summer wear to me.

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