February 13, In Which We Look Mahvelous

Went to school. Attended class, where I read this aloud:

here lie the scattered ashes of a woman who understood the power of words and so she tried to always use her mouth in kind and gentle ways and frequently told her children they were loved, and often told complete strangers that they were beautiful, and even when she had to say something painful or maybe especially then she made it a point to speak in dulcet tones and was not shrill, and who wrote three pages of longhand prose every morning which often made sense only to her, conversations with herself and the universe and which helped her remain calm and reasonable and not crazy when dealing with people who were often uncalm and unreasonable and maybe even shouty, and who also read books long ones full of big fat juicy words, and wrote poems and essays and speeches and things, and tried to remind the people she loved to always be gentle with themselves and one another, and who always spoke the truth even if her voice shook, and who said as she was dying if my soul survives this journey I will find you again

Attended a presentation by the Interfaith Refugee Ministries here in town. Man, it is amazingly difficult to qualify for refugee status. Like seriously. Only 850,000 or so people a year are granted that status by the UNHRC. Such a small number when you consider the vast areas that are torn by war and political unrest.

Then I ate KFC wearing cashmere.

Yep, all I managed to snag a photo of was me.

february 13