April 1, Back on Track


New quarter seems as good a time as I will find in the next few weeks to get back to the photo of the day and other assorted stuff. I’ve figured out that dedicated time to sit in front of a real computer and futz around with file transfers isn’t likely to be a normal part of my daily life in the next few years, so I’m experimenting with truly moving to a mobile blogging set-up. I’ve had the apps on my devices for a while, might as well get good use out of them since they were free.

It’s also time to get back on track with eating, so behold, I packed roughly 800 calories into the lunch bag. It’s all still there since I had breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. Oh well. I wasn’t hungry when I did that, and I’m still not hungry. That’s whatever.

It’s Monday. I’ve been on campus since 7:23am. I will be here until at least 7:23pm. I was able, for the first time, to park in front of the psych building.

I am ambivalent today, headed towards grumpy. I didn’t write my pages this morning, or over the weekend. Nor did I meditate, beyond calming myself when I was frustrated. It’s showing. I’m only partially kidding when I say meditation is my adderall. When I don’t do it, I feel busy but not productive. Wheel-spinny. Perhaps I will have time to at least journal after I write the three critique letters that I need to produce by 3:30 when my next class starts.

Today’s highlight: 100 on my case notes file, with a pointed suggestion to find the links where I got my documents and provide at least the url when I re-submit for the final 2 sessions and summary. But ya’ll– I can writez casenotes.