Books, Flour, and Other Developments

Today’s Gratitude theme is books.  I do love a book, and I am very grateful for the knowledge and adventures they contain.  This is the smallest and tidiest of my seven bookshelves.  Yes, seven.  I said I loved books.


And this is a 25 pound bag of flour, because we are on the letter F. I should be able to get my bake on for awhile with this, right?


Now, there have been developments. Yesterday, I got notice that I am now ineligible for financial aid because of the length of time I have been in school. I have amassed a whopping 190 credit hours between the stint in the late 80s and my current program. This would be a pretty drastic financial issue for me, because I use financial aid to finance the household while I got to school full-time and attempt to parent 6 kids in a reasonable manner. If I am truly not going to receive any more financial aid, my plans to graduate next May will be derailed unless I can find a private donor. It is too late to apply for scholarships for the coming academic year, so I would need to go to work full-time and I would only be able to take one class at a time. But I could still graduate in 3 years. Which is way longer than I want to spend at the undergraduate level, but it’s a plan, right?

However, there is still an award for next year, so it is possible that I am only ineligible for financial aid for the summer. And this morning, I have been thinking on that. Looking at things through a different lens if you will. I say I never have time to do the stuff I want to do. So what if I did? What would I do? I have been in school constantly, carrying up to 19 hours a semester since January 11, 2011. I have made one B in that time, and all the rest have been As. Ok, a few A-‘s. I take school seriously, and I work hard at it. BUT, I am behind in everything else.

A summer off would give me time to

  1. Clean my house
  2. Develop an eating plan
  3. Get to know my kids again
  4. Cook and bake
  5. Exercise
  6. Read
  7. Write
  8. Stitch
  9. Craft in 48 ways
  10. Study things I want to study
  11. Play

The problem is figuring out how to finance life without financial aid. Living on 750 bucks a month. No new shoes, no new clothes, nothing but toilet paper and soap. But if I can keep the water and lights on… Maybe it’s doable.

But I need to use the time wisely. Plan it out. Because my tendency, when i have “nothing to do” is to do nothing, and that’s not what I want to do with this time.

I am amazed once again at the difference a good night’s sleep makes in my outlook. Yesterday, my mind was spinning as I tried to get a handle on all of this. And today, I am looking at the same circumstance as a possible gift. As long as I get to go back to school in the fall!