15 of 52….Assorted Thoughts

  •  I started piecing and cutting for the quilt back yesterday.  I was unsure of where I was going, so I stopped.  I have a decent idea now, so I’ll pick that back up again tonight.  Or tomorrow.  Sometime this week.  I’m going with on point charms, some pieced, some not.
  • Moving your retirement savings is a huge pain in the ass.  Forms, meetings, calls.  Bleh.  Not sure why I am bothering.  It’s not like I am saving enough to substantially alter my lifestyle later.  It’s also not enough to substantially alter my lifestyle now, and it seems like the adult thing to do, so I’m doing it.
  • Took the kids bowling yesterday, second week in a row.  They had fun, and I did, too.
  • I got nothing (else) but a blogging habit I am trying to rebuild, so here’s a post, however boring it may be.