Home Appraisals

I will admit that I have a very outdated notion of the value of big ticket items. In my mind, homes are $50,000, new cars are $5,000, and we move on with life. Of course, that’s been the set price in my mind since I first began to think about such things in my teens. Evidently, the rest of the world has moved on without me, because I’ve noticed that, umm, well, you can’t get those things for that price anymore.

Nonetheless, it was quite shocking to discover that my home is now worth *cough* substantially more than I paid for it 5 years ago. As in, WOW, REALLY???? I’m surprised, but also pretty sure that the property appraisal is accurate. I checked the integrated map and birds-eye view of the property, and, yeah, that’s where I live. Since the eppraisal.com data is updated daily and pulls from a database of 70,000,000+ homes, it’s gotta be current.