Almost Ready

The turkey breast is in the oven. The children are (supposed to be) tidying while I pump. I need to put away some laundry in my room, and clean the bathrooms, and we’ll be ready. Or as ready as we are going to get.

In addition to the turkey, we are making potato salad and rolls, and a secret green bean casserole (maybe). My mom is bringing ham, field peas, dressing, rice, and watergate salad.

My uncle is bringing a “cocoanut” cake. That’s not a chocolate cake, but rather a cake with the white fleshed nut grown in the tropics. The one with milk in side that most of us call coconut. I point that out because this uncle is aperfect grammarian, but he consistently spells coconut this way, and it just makes me giggle. If you knew us, you would giggle, too.

My cousin is bringing a green bean casserole and another vegetable.

We’ll eat and give each of the kids a gift, and play Chinese Christmas. And it will be fun.