Morning Musings 3/20/2007

I’ve been a little quiet lately, huh? Well, I’ve been busy with a lot of mom-ming and you know that translates into less me-ing :).

I am supervising a big clean up around here this week, as well as participating. But let me tell you that I finally got my face stuff. Found it in the baby section! A wash and a cream that smell the same. I also finally bought some clothes that fit the new, smaller me. I emptied my closet yesterday (remember that was on the last list I posted?), and all that stuff is in the bathroom. Posting will be lighter than normal this week while we get the house back together, but I’ll be my normal loquacious self again shortly.

2 thoughts on “Morning Musings 3/20/2007

  1. I did. But can you please explain why you have to make such a big mess to do a real thorough clean up?

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