What’s that?

I was reading the About US Press Direct page today, and they mentioned their new Heidelberg Press. Inquiring minds wanted to know, so I googled the term, thinking I’d learn something. Umm, no. Well, yes. I did learn that Heidelberg is a company that makes presses, but I did not learn what particular one US Press Direct has that makes them able to do whatever it is they do to your brochures and postcards. That frustrates me. I’m so used to being able to find out whatever it is that I want to know at any given time that I am agitated if it takes me more than three minutes to find an answer to a question. When did I get so ….rushed, so impatient?

Well, shoot. My Avon lady came, and my thoughts are totally derailed. Mind like a steel trap, I suppose. Or is that a sieve??