Whoops, there it is

So, here it is Wednesday. A week ago, I posted a set of goals for the year, and it seems like I ought to give some sort of update, but dang, I’m thinking 52 updates would make ME crazy, let alone you, so don’t expect this to be a weekly thing, ok? And I guess I’ll just go in the posted order, since I don’t have a better plan, LOL.

Crafting: on target with one project finished and work continuing on others. No money spent in this area, unless you consider face painting with high-end cosmetics to be a craft. Which I suppose it could be, but I didn’t consider it that when I ordered yet more Aromaleigh for myself and a friend. Call me a make-up ho. It’s ok. ;P

Financially, I brought us up to date on a couple things. I still need to catch up the electric, pay the cable and pay for Diva’s orthodontics. Oh, plus keep up the things I brought current. Baby steps, slowly but surely. I also asked paypal to send me a debit card (before Christmas, even), because it frustrates me to have to ask dh for money.

I’ve been spending more evenings with the fam/dh in front of the tv and fewer here in front of the computer. I guess that’s progress.

The weight thing, that’s not working out so well for me. I weighed 160 still this morning. It’s totally time to get a serious plan. Marisa was just saying that she had lost 33 pounds, so I will ask her and Amy for advice. I can’t afford weight watchers or any of that, so please don’t mention those, but I am open to help in the comments as well. I’m trying to avoid the SlimFast strategy because I tend toward grumpy bitty with that, and I’m just not sure I want to take in more chemicals. I do know I need to get more active, and I need to add more fruits and veggies to my diet. Finding a way to do that is another matter. OTOH, sitting here watching my behind reach phenomenal proportions doesn’t exactly thrill me either. Also, breakfast. I keep forgetting the darn BREAKFAST.

As for schooling, I am writing lesson plans now, and we’ll be taking off just three days next year. Our days are fairly light, so instead of just not having school when we have other appointments, we’ll use the public school philosophy of make it up. What worked for one and two does NOT work for my current number.

I am not going to be through cleaning by the 12th, but I am in the middle of a major reorganizing project, which I alluded to yesterday. So, that’s neither success nor failure, but I am counting it as progress, because when it is done, it will greatly improve the quality of life around here.

I’ve done nothing with travel, and it’s likely I won’t until I get my financial affairs in order.

Finally: spiritual matters. I have ditched the Reese Chronological Bible in favor of the Bible in a Year. The Reese breaks up the flow of the Bible, and so I have a hard time concentrating on what I am reading. All the little headings catch my eye, and the repetition of pulling he same data from all the places it is found in the Bible is distracting. The Bible is what it is, a Story, God’s Story, and I am familiar enough with it that having it presented in little chopped up bits unnerves me somehow. Reese is a study tol, not a reading Bible, at least from my perspective. One doesn’t make hamburger from filet mignon, after all.

As for being a better blogger, well, I forgot to write down where/how I was going to measure that. Last Jan, according to sitemeter, I had 1076 visitors. In December 07, I had 1154. So far this month: 711. I think I might be doing something right, but I’m not quite sure.