Trip Time

Well, boys and girls, it’s time to start thinking about September. See, in September, I am going on a trip. I am going to Orlando to hang with people I like and try to avoid people I don’t, and right now, I am not quite sure how many of each there will be, but I am sure that the wonderfulness of being with those I do will outweigh the stress of seeing those I don’t. How’s that for a round about thing??

Anyway, the big decision is how to get there. I was going to ride wih a friend, but now I am not sure if she’s still planning to drive, so I am looking at flights and comparing them to car rental. I’ll have to calculate the cost of gasoline into the occasion, but that may be a possibility.

Advantage is offering up to a 50% discount on luxury and convertible car rentals. I’ve always wanted to drive a red convertible. Too bad that I would look like Broom Hilda before I hit the highway. Unless I wore a head scarf, which is an idea, but somehow doesn’t sound quite as fun and freewheeling. They have other car rental discounts, too. Too bad I’m not in Florida his very minute wanting to get to Ang. I could do that for a buck a day!