New Year’s and some catchup plus Day 1 of Project 365

You may notice that events lag behind on this blog. There’s a reason for that and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. So.

I had a good New Year’s. That One was here, having arrived on Thursday evening (I think). Maybe it was Wednesday. It was Wednesday evening, because we got tires on the car Thursday which meant he took me to work. There ya go.

New Year’s Eve was nice. Worked, got the tires and then did a bit of shopping. I wanted to go out, but not out and so I moved the “date” to in, and I cooked. I made bacon wrapped scallops, only I actually got the bacon done, unlike most restaurants. And I broiled the best ribeyes ever. At 5 till midnight, I put the littlest people to bed and the rest were there by 3 after and by 7 after I was sitting down eating the best food evar. About 10 after That One came in and joined me. He doesn’t eat scallops but he agreed the steak was good, even though he watched me catch the pan on fire. Attention here: if you broil bacon wrapped scallops and then melt butter for ribeyes and put them in to broil, there may be a flame incident in your oven. No meat was harmed in this experiment, the flames being contained to the other end of the pan, LOL!

New Year’s Day, we hung out at home. And I had an agenda that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to knit and I wanted to do something else which I can’t remember just now, and I wanted to dance. What was that third thing? It was important enough to go on my agenda, and I did it, but I can’t remember. Sigh.

Anyway, so I did knit, starting a hat for Spidey. And I did the thing that I cannot remember, and there was a bonus: Guitar Guy came by and we sang. Now, that should have been on my agenda, the singing of songs, but it was not. Or maybe it was, because I did hit a mood before he got here and cranked up the iTunes and was attempting to sing some Patsy Cline, whose range I used to be able to emulate perfectly, but I wasn’t quite able to hit it, perhaps because I was a little nervous. So sing we did, and it was good. We started with A New Hallelujah, which is my favorite warmup, and moved around from there, hitting personal favorites for both of us.

And then, about 11:30, I walked into my kitchen, turned on the jazz playlist and turned off the lights, and I danced alone there in the dark. And that was also good, in a way that I cannot explain adequately. Except to say that I love myself enough to dance with me and not wait for someone else to do that with/for me. Although a partner is nice, too.

I also took a picture, as it was day 1 of 365 and here it is:

1 of 365

I had taken one blurred shot and than a decent one when Micheal stuck his head in the doorway to ask a question, and I re-took the shot to include him. I guess it could be be titled “love” because that is what was going on. Almost everyone in the house was gathered in my room, just hanging out and enjoying one another. It seemed a fitting way to begin my year of photographs, and more fulfilling than a finance job search

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