Day 8 of Project 365

That Boy’s mother sent tiaras and wands for DaBaby and Drama. Here The Clone models them for the camera. Actually, she just put them on playing with the little ones, and it looked so fun I had to grab the camera.


We had some good laughs while she was here. I tell you, time is always too short, isn’t it? I find myself in a rather unique perspective since my birthing career extended for almost 2 decades. The Clone will be getting her own apartment soon, I’m slathering on anti wrinkle face cream and I also had ornaments on the tree made by a kindergartener. And there is one more behind her. They tell you when yu are in the throes of parenting babies that it goes by so fast. It’s true. I still remember them handing The Clone to me. And Nurse Gray telling me to quit hovering over her and go to sleep. I’d only been awake for 48 hours, half of which was spent laboring.

*Gasp* those were the eyes I saw. Never mind. That last bit was just for me.