July 3-July 7 Faces Grill Guitar Guy Corner Life List

2010 07 03 14.20.56

July 3 Making Faces Three of my favorite people, all hamming it up for the camera. It’s riot around here, I tell ya.

2010 07 04 18.10.29

July 4 Party Time Which I blogged about here.

2010 07 05 19.24.12

July 5 Another Party This time, it was for Guitar Guy’s son, who just had a birthday. I miss Guitar Guy. We haven’t just hung out in way too long. Darn my busyness and also my depression. Maybe depression isn’t quite right–more pulling back. I’ve had a lot of out-ness lately and when I do that, there is always a pulling back in to regroup. I prefer my own company still. I imagine I will be that way the rest of my life, or will at lesst need substantial alone time. I think I am going to decide that that’s ok, as long as I can still get out there. Speaking of which:

2010 07 06 17.49.43

July 6 My Corner of the Living Room Yep, you heard that right. I’ve made myself a corner in the living room. I actually sit in it sometimes. Except today I am in my room….because I am cleaning it? I guess so. I shall move out there after my next cleaning time, I think, so I can hang with the kids.

2010 07 07 18.00.30

July 8 Life List Stuff A bucket for planting lantana, bubbles for blowing, and an album for my hands prints. Also laundry soap, which has nothing to do with the list, but a lot to do with life.